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Martín Pittaluga & Fernando Trocca

Chef Fernando Trocca and restaurateur Martín Pittaluga have worked together for more than two decades, launching and running restaurants in Buenos Aires, José Ignacio, Uruguay and Miami. Their first East Coast venture will be beachside at Marram and offer an opportunity for the duo to showcase local Montauk and Long Island produce with their signature South American flair. Here, the chefs share some of what they’re most looking forward to at Marram. Learn more about the Mostrador here.

Marram: When did your interest in cooking and fine dining begin? 

Fernando: At age eight, my interest was born from watching my grandma cooking. From there it was a passion I could not drop, and it brought me to my professional beginnings. As with many grandmothers of Italian origins who are dedicated to their cooking, preparing meals for her family was my grandmother’s main priority. I practically lived with her when I was in primary school, and this was a fundamental pillar for my future professional development

Martín: After I moved to Paris when I was young, I began washing dishes, worked in the kitchens and waited tables in several trendy restaurants in Les Halles. I opened my first restaurant in Uruguay 1983.

Marram: The two of you have worked together for decades now. What do you enjoy or appreciate most about your partnership?

Fernando: More than a partnership, I would describe this as a friendship. Martín and I have been growing personally and professionally during the last 20 years.

Martín: Fernando and I are like brothers. Each of know what the other is thinking. We have fun together.

Marram: What do you cook and eat at home? What are meals like with your family and close friends?

Fernando: Simple food with great products. Ingredients are very important.

Martín: I cook fish as often as I can. I also love to just mix things together in a pot… It’s the best!

Marram: What makes Montauk special, both from a culinary perspective and generally? How long have you been familiar with the area?

Fernando: We consider Montauk to be the American José Ignacio. They have the same atmosphere, same weather and even a similar crowd, but the two places have the exact opposite seasons. They’re also both fishing villages with picturesque lighthouses.

Martín: We have a lot of friends and clients who split their time between Jose Ignacio and Montauk. They are both very special places.

Marram: What can we expect from the food and beverage offerings at Marram? What dishes do you expect to be crowd-favorites?

Fernando: We will offer a similar menu as that at Santa Teresita in José Ignacio. We have been working with local purveyors to find the right quality products.

Martín: I will leave the specifics to Trocca, but I’m sure that the rice dishes will stand out. We are very excited and happy to be able to work in Montauk. We really like the place. Marram by the seashore is a project that we will work on very carefully.

Marram: Montauk is famous for its seafood and Long Island for its produce. What ingredients are you most excited about featuring and experimenting with?

Fernando: You’re right, because the seafood offer in the area is so important, we will work with it for the protein component on the menu. But no less important will be the local products and seasonal ingredients.

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